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A number of years ago UK-based Autotrakker ltd was asked by their customer AET to develop a solution for accurately measuring Break Bulk Cargo when it arrived at the dockside in Antwerp.

A number of technology options were considered but ultimately the use of low-powered (eye safe) laser/scanners were found to be the best solution. Autotrakker spend a number of years developing the final solution and by spring 2011 the system was ready for acceptance testing of the prototype by AET.

The challenge facing Autotrakker was how to capitalise on the unique solution they had developed. In March 2011 they approached 4Court Solutions to see if they could assist with the development of a "Go To Market" plan for the solution.

AET approved the prototype in late 2011 and set Autotrakker the additional challenge of making the final system able to be operated without the need for a roof. In short, it had to operate in an outdoor environment. During early 2012 the challenge was addressed and the final solution installed over the summer of 2012. Live testing began in September 2012 and the final system was accepted by the customer in November 2012.

Meanwhile, 4Court Solutions had been implementing an awareness campaign in the marketplace through e-mail campaigns, exhibition attendance and by taking prospective customers to visit both the prototype and the final installation in Antwerp. This was done in anticipation of a more focused Marketing Campaign to be implemented in 2013 once the first site at AET was in live operation.

By 2013 a number of potential new projects are underway, including the development of a Mobile version of the solution now named CMS (Cargo measurement System). For more information go to: www.cargomeasurement.com or Contact Us for more details.

See CMS in action:


See CMS operating in the rain:


See the simulation of MCMS – Mobile CMS: