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950 ZD410 with label4Court Solutions, in conjunction with its manufacturing partners, developed and brought to the market the 950 and 950X serial PrintPads which integrate with a number of Zebra Technology, ZBI-enabled printers.

Utilising industry standard POS key pad technology, these new 950/950X PrintPads are available with a wide range of standard features not previously seen on such terminals at this price point. 4Court Solutions has also leveraged its experience of working with Zebra Technologies to bring to market a product range that is configurable and programmable to meet the needs of different environments where they may be implemented.


 Click here to view a demonstration video of the 950/950X keypad with Zebra ZBI enabled printer.


950LP Scanner

950 LP950x LP

The 950/950X PrintPads have specifically-developed firmware and cables which allow them to integrate with just about any of the Zebra printers running the compatible version of ZBI (Zebra Basic Interpreter).

In addition, a ZBI application for the PrintPads is required to be implemented on the printer and is available either as a base/test application from Zebra which partners can take and further develop to meet their own needs or it can be developed specifically to customer/partner requirements with assistance from Zebra and from 4Court Solutions or one of its partners.

This feature rich solution means that there are a range of Desktop and Mobile printer solutions now available for a wide range of environments where a standalone or even a networked printer solution is required for the efficient and cost-effective printing of labels. These could include: Retail Price Mark-down, Food Labelling in restaurants/takeaways, Hospital Wristband printing, Pharmaceutical label printing etc.

4Court Solutions has also worked with the Retail Pricing Specialists – The Pricing People to bring to market a unique solution to meet the label printing and price markdown requirements of the retail market where a cost-effective but feature-rich solution is required. This combination of 4Court Solutions hardware and The Pricing Peoples software and labelling expertise has led to successful installation in such retail clients as Nike Stores Europe, Superdry, Mothercare, Dune, The Body Shop USA, Canada, Germany & UK, Sweat Shop, L’Occitane, Granger Games, Morleys Group and Boyes.

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