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As well as providing a wide range of Point-of-Sale devices and peripherals plus a wide range of keyboards, 4Court Solutions have extensive experience in providing keypad solutions across a number of industry sectors. Whether you are looking for a custom keypad for your POS environment or a standalone solution for labelling, 4Court Solutions can recommend a range of options to suit the majority of requirements and budgets.

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Recognising the requirement for a dedicated keypad range which can connect to a multitude of environments 4Court has developed with their manufacturing partners a wide range of KeyPads that can connect to desktop and mobile printers, mobile devices, or even directly onto a network. These are now available directly or through a number of partners.

Below is a summary of the PrintPad range, however, these units can be utilised in a wider range of environments as powerful networked or standalone keypads running a Linux application with a full SQL database option.

Download 4C-970 Intelligent KeyPad Spec Sheet

The Model Range of Printpads Includes:


The 900 series of PrintPads comprises three standard models with a number of options to provide a highly flexible solution to a wide variety of applications. Using industry-standard Cherry MX keys, all PrintPad models in the range can have custom key tops developed to meet specific market or user requirements, even for low-volume, niche environments. The PrintPads can be either numeric or alpha/numeric. All models come with a built-in real-time clock, a 2 x 16 character LCD and also a PS2 port for the option of connecting a barcode reader to assist with data input. They can be supplied in industry standard housing colours: beige or black, to co-ordinate with most popular printers. Custom colours can also be specified as required. In addition, there are a range of key skins available for all models which provide a “wipe-clean” solution for use in applications for food preparation and healthcare environments.



950 ZD410 with label 2  

The 950 and 950X PrintPads come with a serial port, most often used for connection to a Label Printer. The serial port supports a standard set of commands enabling it to communicate with a range of popular Zebra printers using Zebra Basic Interpreter (ZBI). This allows an application residing on the printer to control the PrintPad and subsequently the printers' operation. It can also connect with any other make of printer or controller, capable of running an application that utilises the command set via the serial port. The 950 and 950X come as standard in 2 different desktop housing formats. The standard 17 key model is a compact housing which can also be hand-held if required. The “eXtended” model has an additional 40 function keys that can be easily programmed with a graphical PC based application, enabling a wide range of shortcut features.

950 ZD410 with label 3  

The 955 Intelligent PrintPad comes in a 17 key, compact housing with a USB port for connection to a label printer and provides a standalone, "out-the-box" label printing solution. It hosts the control application on the PrintPad and is normally supplied with a range of popular label designs, mainly for use in a retail environment to give flexibility of product presentation and pricing in-store. Customised versions of the application can be supplied to meet specific label printing requirements. Please contact us to discuss your application.

The 955 PrintPad is based on a highly flexible and secure Linux powered software environment with many options for customers and partners to develop custom software for specific users' applications and requirements.

970 Keypad with Printer  

The 970/975 Intelligent PrintPad provides all the features as for the 955 model above. It adds an Ethernet LAN port as standard and optional WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, taking functionality and connectivity to a whole new level. It's also normally supplied with the built-in, standard label printing application with its range of popular label designs to provide a complete "out-the-box" label printing solution. Customised versions of the application can be supplied to meet specific label printing requirements. Please contact us to discuss your application.

The 970/975 PrintPad also has the same Linux powered software environment, which, when combined with our highly functional hardware, provides customers and partners the ultimate in flexibility to create their ideal custom label printing solution.

Download 9XX PrintPad Spec Sheet

Download Label Templates

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