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“IT Peripherals and Product Manufacturers”

Electrone Ltd

The company was established in 2006 and one of its key aims was to build upon the principal’s knowledge and expertise in sourcing products from the Far East to deliver to their customers the best solution to meet their individual requirements. This philosophy has grown to the point where the company is not only sourcing products from its partners but is now designing its own solutions which are manufactured for them to their specification and product designs. An example of these innovative products can be seen in the range of keypads and PrintPads that the company has brought to market in recent years.

With a strong bias in the technology sector the principal’s have a client base that has included such organisations as Electrone Group, Diebold EMEA, 2Swords Ltd, ATMedia Ltd, Satmark, HMN, AMFInsight, Drivealive, Donation Internet Ltd and Level Four Software Ltd.

However, 4Court also extends the value chain and the range of services it offers to its clients and has a history of sourcing and supplying product solutions in conjunction with its partners that are now largely focused on the delivery of Leading Edge Technology Solutions.


Partnerships with organisations such as Zebra Technologies, Posiflex, Bixolon, Metric Group and industry organisations such as RSPA in the US mean that 4Court Solutions are able to keep their finger on the pulse of what is changing in their customer base.

In addition, 4Court Solutions has sourced a number of keyboard and Key Pad solutions to meet demands from the marketplace.

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