4Court Solutions

“IT Peripherals and Product Manufacturers”

Electrone Ltd

4Court Solutions are more than just a product sourcing and marketing services partner for its customers. Whilst 4Court can provide a range of outsourced marketing services, it can also extend its expertise to provide a wider range of Products and Services to its clients and partners, often through its new UK sister company Electrone Ltd.

With access to state-of-the-art computerised equipment, 4Court and Electrone Ltd have access to a specialist team of designers and partners that work closely with you, the customer, and the manufacturing base to ensure that whatever the design specification is then it is capable of being carried forward to production. Whether this is applied to new sales and marketing collateral, sourcing new products, the promotion of existing products or the development of new product ranges, 4Court and Electrone Ltd can work within an agreed remit to develop the required end results in a timely and creative manner.

4Court see little point in putting exciting or new solutions in front of the customer, only for them to be let down at a later stage because their preferred solution cannot be realistically and cost-effectively implemented. It is 4Court’s aim to identify the best solution or solution options for their customers and work with them to implement a successful project.

Whether it be a single product or total solution, 4Court and Electrone Ltd will happily source from wherever necessary or whatever countries manufacture or supply the most appropriate option(s) in order to bring to their customers the ideal solution.
After agreeing on the customers chosen product, 4Court and Electrone Ltd realise that the products then have to “exceed expectations” for it to be a win/win relationship.
This is where first class support services are essential elements in achieving the customers set objectives. 4Court and Electrone Ltd specialise in delivering first class customer service, a fact proven by the level of repeat business and on-going historical customer relationships that they enjoy.

4Court Solutions and Electrone Ltd believe that Product Presentation today is as important as the actual product because without this leading edge the product can so easily fail to meet expectations.

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